What is Content Marketing & It’s Importance in Digital Marketing:

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What is Content Marketing & It’s Importance in Digital Marketing:

Marketing is the process of promoting your products or services for maximum sales. Marketing existed from very early stages in Business. As time passed marketing has evolved and now we are in the era of digital marketing. If you haven’t gone through “What is digital marketing?”, check it and let us know if you have any doubts. Now in this article, we are dealing with an important aspect of digital marketing, Content Marketing. Quality content is an inevitable part of marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique that focuses on producing and delivering valuable and relevant content in order to attract and maintain a specific audience – and, eventually, to drive more profitable consumer action. Earlier, we used to pitch our products or services in marketing, but now, we offer them useful & relevant content to our prospective customers on how to solve their issues and how our products or services will benefit them for this. This method helps in convincing the customers that our products are the perfect solution for their need or requirement. Now we use contents in various forms also, it is not just the written materials, contents are available in video formats, audio and picture formats etc.

Why do Businesses use Content Marketing?

The main reasons why businesses use Content Marketing are listed below. Content Marketing helps in:

  1. Increasing the sales
  2. Reducing the cost
  3. Increasing brand loyalty of customers.

What are the Different Types or Modes of Content Marketing?

  • Blog Content: Blogs are the most effective mode of content marketing in use even now. According to researches, businesses that use blogs for marketing receive more links and traffics to their websites. The blog posts should not be about your newest range of products or services. It should be related to real life problems in which your products and services can offer help. Always try to add genuine and helpful content as this will increase your blog subscriptions as well as your customer loyalty.

  • Infographics: An infographic is a graphical representation of information or data, in the form of let us say graphs, flow charts, route maps etc. This helps in conveying facts or contents easily to the reader. Readers can get an understanding of what you intend to convey faster from these infographics than from written contents. Successful infographics should be simple, meaningful and impactful. Also choosing when to use the infographic is also an important decision.

  • Podcast Content Marketing: This is not a universal solution or mode of content marketing for all sorts of businesses. Podcasts are easy and simple to produce if you have the right tools and know the techniques. And if you know how to channel them properly, they can receive huge impact. But a podcast needs to be planned through to the last step before execution.

  • Videos: Videos are another major form of content marketing possible for business promotions. It is expensive compared to other methods, but it is in demand among majority of consumers. People think they can gain more through videos as they show a hands-on training method rather than having to read and understand all by themselves. They can teach someone how to install a product or service, how to repair something by themselves or how to install a product from start till end on their own. And more than anything, this video content can be shared through multiple platforms like Websites, Blogs, Social Media Platforms, YouTubes or even can be shared through e-mails.

  • Social Media: social media is the most efficient content marketing platform existing today. The plus point of social media as a content marketing platform is the fact that it can be used for sharing any form of contents like blogs, videos, podcasts etc. Social Media also gives us the facility to analyze the mode of content that our users engage mostly with and how that is generating traffic to the site etc., so we can say that social media marketing do provide results that are palpable.

Now that we have seen the importance of Content Marketing, its types and uses, let us see whom to contact for these services. There are many content marketing agencies in Kerala providing content writing services. Look for the ones that satisfies your requirements. Apart from Agencies, there are freelance writers also providing content writing services. So, choose according to your requirements and budget. A good content marketing service provider can help you plan your content in a strategically beneficial way so that you can gain maximum benefit from this. Realize that content is the hype of the time and make maximum use of this strategy to make most conversions out of your business.