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Brand Positioning : Knowing what the brand is and how they are different from their competitors, helped us to define the positioning statement and this set the tone for everything that’s created for them.

Developing strategy

They already had a brand so changing it aggressively will shake their credibility so we went for a gradual and smooth rebranding.  We took almost four months for this transition. We included small patterns in the interiors of their outlets as a former step for rebranding. The colour palette we selected for them is red, black and white. 

Logo Defining

Following many hours of debate with the client we chose a logo. The selected logo has an upward arrow which is its prime factor and has a horseshoe shape incorporated with that. The font was also selected according to the brand. As branding materials we introduced them to new packaging’s, did outdoor advertising across Thiruvananthapuram. Started fixing hoardings also across Kerala.  We did social media marketing with this simultaneously. 


As a result of our new marketing strategies and innovative concepts they started their stores across kerala. The wholesale outlets they had in Thiruvananthapuram increased to a greater number within this time span. Currently they are in the process of expanding their retail outlets outside Thiruvananthapuram.  

We suggested them social media promotions, hoardings ideas, rebranding, strategy planning, and package designing.

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