Importance of Digital Marketing in India in 2021

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Importance of Digital Marketing in India in 2021

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing products & services using digital mediums such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing. There are a lot of digital marketing companies in Kerala providing these services for small scale as well as large scale businesses. Today in the face of COVID-19, importance of digital marketing has been amplified by almost 10 times. Being digital can help a business find more business opportunity and the best benefit of going digital is to get word spread across the customers regardless of boundaries and limits.

When small businesses start initially, their main concern usually is how to get their first clients. Earlier people used to rely on traditional modes of advertising such as Print Ads, large signage on the side of the road, free sachets etc. Earlier people believed that if they provide a good product or service, clients will come to them in due course of time. While this method may help in bringing a small amount of revenue, there is a better & more convenient way. Small businesses should concentrate on the huge online market of potential customers. This large opportunity should not be overlooked by any small firm. Now let us look at some of the benefits and importance of digital marketing for businesses in India in 2021.

Build Brand Awareness :

Brand awareness is the familiarity that people feel to a brand. Digital Marketing helps in spreading the word of your business without any boundaries. You can advertise to customers all over the world. Digital marketing helps in familiarizing the brand to people by regularly advertising and showing up in the intended customers feeds. This helps in creating brand awareness and maintenance which will further lead to viewers turning to loyal customers.

Cost Effective:

Marketing is a field that used to consume majority of the funds allotted to a business. With the advent of digital marketing, new marketing strategies have emerged, which helps in marketing at a lower cost. Earlier marketing efforts included posters, bill boards, tv commercial ads etc. Now we can run targeted ads with various formats at very low cost using digital medias such as search engines and social medias.

Tracking & Measurement:

Digital Marketing channels allows the businesses to track and measure the efficiency of their ads. We can see how the ad is performing. We get to test the different formats of ads to know which one is more effective and to measure the success of each ad. Earlier this option was not available. There was no way to measure the effectiveness of an advertisement and to know from where the customers knew about the business. But now that has changed. Businesses can monitor correctly how they get most of their traffic so that they can focus on that channel of marketing more than the others.

Target Audience:

Earlier the ad was shown to all the population in general regardless of whether they are interested or not. This was not an effective method. But now, through digital marketing we are able to target our ideal population, those who search for services/products similar to ours etc. Furthermore, we are able to target our audience based on demographics, age, interests, etc. this will lead to more conversion with less expense.

Interactive / Engaging:

There are different ways in which businesses can reach out to customers. From organic search results, to social media posts to ads, there are different methods which can be used to keep the customers engaged. There are various ad formats like text ads, image ads, video ads etc. As days are progressing, newer forms of engagements are being discovered. Some latest trends initiated to keep the audience engaged and interactive with the businesses includes stories, reels, video shorts etc.

Use of Multiple Mediums:

There are n number of mediums through which businesses can advertise and promote their services. Websites, social media, You Tube, ad platforms in search engines and social media and you tube etc. There are a lot of ways to express our message and content and we are able to promote it all over the world.


India is one of the most populated countries in the World. According to digital marketing experts, India is considered to be one of the main locations which will see boom in digital marketing. This is because even with a population of 1.3 billion, the net penetration is only around 20%. So, with the scope for penetrating the remaining 80% of Indian population, multinational companies like Google, Facebook etc., are targeting India and have invested in the Indian business corporation Reliance Industries.