What are Core Web Vitals & How it will Affect SEO in 2022?

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What are Core Web Vitals & How it will Affect SEO in 2022?

As a digital marketer, you would have heard a lot about this term, Core Web Vitals. On May 28, 2020, Google had introduced the term Core Web Vitals and the update started rolling out by May 20, 2021. Core Web Vitals are a set of user-centric metrics or user experience measurement strategies. As per Google, optimizing your site for quality of user experience can take you along the path of success. With more and more people exploring google with their search queries, Google is determined to make SERP results more accurate and more user friendly. While E-A-T ensures the accuracy and trustworthiness of content, Core Web Vitals will ensure the websites are user friendly and rank them accordingly. According to the new regulations, a good site is expected to load within 3 seconds.

Google over these past years have provided many tools to measure web vitals. Learning to use them are crucial for any sight who wants to rank higher and have more traffic. Among the category of web vitals, core web vitals are the three most important matrices that digital marketers should focus on. It can be considered as a subset of web vitals. Though Google says it will add more matrices as time goes on, for now, only three factors are considered important. They are listed below:

  1. Loading
  2. Interactivity
  3. Stability.

The following metrics are used for measuring these 3 aspects:

  1. Largest Contentful Paint

LCP or Largest Contentful Paint is the matrix that Google is currently using to measure Loading speed of websites. For providing a good user experience, the optimum LCP should be 2.5 seconds. This means the largest content on the page should load within 2.5 seconds when the page first starts loading. The score based on time is given in the diagram above.

  1. First Input Delay

FID or First Input Delay is the matrix used to measure interactivity. An optimized page should have an FID of 100 milliseconds or less. It is measured as the time taken between the first interaction that a user has with the browser and the time taken by the browser to process that interaction. It is measured in milliseconds.

  1. Cumulative Layout Shift

This matrix measures visual stability. For an optimized page, the CLS should be 0.1 or less. This measures the unexpected shifting of the webpage elements while the page is loading.

Tools to Measure Core Web Vitals

  1. Page Speed Insights:

Page speed insights is a free tool provided by Google & has now upgraded to LightHouse 6.0. This supports vitals in both labs and field sections.

  1. Chrome UX Report:

Chrome UX Report of CRUX is a public data set of real user experience data from all websites around the world. This unlike others is not lab data and is purely field data. It also includes qualitative dimensions of User Experience.

  1. Search Console:

The core web vitals report from the search console shows CLS, FID & LCP. We get to know how our pages are performing in mobile as well as desktop.

  1. Web Vitals Extension:

Use the web vitals extension for measuring your site’s metrics on a real time basis.

While Google has focused on only 3 matrices for Core Web Vitals, there are many other matrices that Google considers, as is evident by the presence of these matrices in the Lighthouse report. The other web vitals that google pays attention to are:

  1. First Contentful Paint (FCP):

FCP is the time taken by the browser to render the first bit of content, providing the indication to the user that the website is loading. The optimum FCP is less than 2 seconds.

2. Time To Interactive (TTI):

TTI measures the time from when the page starts loading to when it is visually rendered. This is a performance metric that measures page’s load responsiveness. Optimum TTI is 50 milliseconds.

3. Total Blocking Time (TBT)

Total amount of time between FCP & TTI. The optimal TBT should be less than 300 milliseconds in a device. The 404 pages are also counted in this measurement.


Core Web Vitals have a significant impact on Google Search Results. If you optimize your site for Web Core Vitals, then you may receive a ranking boost. In future Google intends to make websites more user friendly. The best option is to make use of the new matrices to make your websites as user friendly as possible, so that your website gets a better chance at ranking and getting more traffic. Adsomia, the best SEO Company in Trivandrum, Kerala helps in you in getting your core web vitals optimized and increase your ranking in Google. We make customized SEO Plans for firms as per their requirement.